Cain Records releases :

 CR008-. Of The Dead/General Winter 3" split cdr. Of The Dead nos presentan su primer tema ,son americanos y tocan doom death pesado con alguna aproximación al funenal.GW con su segundo tema ofrecen una dosis de doom industrial presentado en digipack en terciopelo rojo limitado a 50 copias.Editado junto a Les Fleurs Du Mal rec.


 gastos incluidos/ normal shipping include to Eurpe

CR007-. Sol "This realm is free and remains eternal"

Digipack en tercipelo negro cerrado con cuerda limitado a 100 copias que incluye tres temas en poco más de 40 minutos. una gran mezcla de doom drone clásicos,!!

limitado a100 copias editado junto a Les Fleurs Du Mal Records.


CR006-. Dispersed Ashes "Collected"

Edición en formato 2cdr dentro de una caja de dvd,insert incluido, donde se recogen sus dos demos de 2009 y su lp de 2010.

Edición limitada a 50 copias en Europa y editado también en USA por 9th Meridian Records

10€ con gastos de envio incluidos

2cdr release with dvd case, included two demos and remastered lp.

50copies limited release in Europe and 50 copies in USA trought 9th Meridian Records



3 way split cd with 3 big bands, co-release with Boue Rec, At War with False Noise, Shifty Rec and Odio Sonoro.

I would to thank Seba and Boe Rec for his incredible help.

I'll never forgot dude!

sold out!!! please contact with other labels

CR004-.Destino/Entierro "Drugod"

Pefect soundtrack for Mad Max's car!!!!

50 minutes of sludgecrustdoom.this recording has the songs of his first demo,and his songs of

 " IIIPsalms of Doom"

Release in plastic sleve with 4 pages booklet. with desig by Antonio,from D/E.


CR003-.Lazharus "Error"

First release of this noisy band from Madrid.

30 minutes of deep experimental drone,great band with great ideas!

relese in dvd case with full color artwork,by Noise Armada. limited to 50 copies.

co-release with Le Crepuscule Du Soil


CR002-.Black Autumn "Aurora- Morgen Rothe Im Auffgang"

4th album of this incredible band from Germany.

45 minutes of post/black/doom with a touch of ambient.

cdr with profesional desing,by Michael from ,BA, in a 6 panels dvd digipack with autographed A5 12 pages full color photography booklet,limited to 100 hand  numbered copies.


CR001-. III Psalms of Doom.

Three way split with deepest down tempo bands Sunneater,Destino/EntierroandGeneralWinter

Cdr with profesional desing,by Antonio from D/E,in dvd case with full color booklet.

limited to 100 hand numbered copies.


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